1. moriartyspawn:

    This is it this is the show

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  3. Anonymous asked: i follow you because you used to help run an awesome facebook page, you are sexy as hell, you like awesome things and are generally all around cool.

    Funny story, the page is actually up and going again!
    Thank you though :D

  4. onlylolgifs:

    Katy Perry’s first and last attempt at crowd surfing

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  5. ohshititsegg:

    marijuana does awful things to people like forcing them to talk about how much they smoke it on every single fucking social network every single fucking day

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  6. Reblog if you’ll PUBLICLY answer anything in your ask right now.


    I don’t have anon-ask on at the moment, so that might help… XD

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  9. tell me why u follow me on anon



    This has so much potential to be cool

    I would very much like to know.

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  10. fraternityboy:

    why is “in cahoots with” not a relationship option on facebook

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